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Sonequa Martin-Green talks Star Trek: The Cruise

Recently featured in Variety and on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sonequa Martin-Green spoke about the final season of Star Trek: Discovery and about her time onboard Star Trek: The Cruise VII!


You were just on the official “Star Trek” cruise — were you having those kinds of interactions often with fans?

Oh, yes. The thing about the cruise is that everybody’s there for the same reason. Usually, when I meet people at conventions, they could be there for lots of things. But on the cruise, it’s pointed. It is about this.

What are you doing on the cruise? What is your day like?

Oh, you’re doing all kinds of things. You’re playing a lot of games. There’s karaoke, there’s interviews. You’re also doing things like sushi making, wine tasting. There are variety shows at night. There’s sketch shows, there’s performances, there’s music, there’s concerts. Anthony Rapp did a concert. Tawny and Eugene [Cordero] did some improv. It’s all kinds of everything. 

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert